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Hello there.

It has been awhile, it has been some time where we have probably met.

There might be a lot of noise out there now, again, there might be some new found quietness in close proximity. I believe everyone has discovered or learnt something, tried a new skill or watched countless shows. In one way or another, we have clicked the 'refresh' button in our lives.

There is a new window of information

A new way of seeing things

Situations are ever evolving

People are constantly reacting

We need to be more understanding

Supporting, adapting, creating

Creating opportunities

Connecting possibilities

We ponder about new ideas

Thoughts that never really crossed our minds

We struggled with adapting

Finding a way around discomfort

We need to keep our head fresh

Our hearts need to find a new sweet spot

We realized calling wasn't weird anymore

We found a new way to keep in touch

If the connection wasn't stable

We would click refresh and try again

We would find a way to troubleshoot

Downloading new apps, trying a new web platform

Because we would like to catch up

And it was worth it.

Resilience found a way into every aspect of our lives. If we haven't had it before, we would have more of it now. And as for me, I have clicked refresh for my artistic practice too.

Thank you for dropping by, I hope we can continue to be in touch.

Ever more so, from now on.

Warmest, E.

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